Top secret tips in applying eyeliner

Eyeliner plays a significant role in making your eyes look expressive. Applying eyeliner is what most women do to add some magic to their eye, but the best way to apply it is yet to be revealed.

Use an eyelid primer to make your makeup last longer. After doing this, apply your choice of shade of eye shadow (it depends whether you’re going to use it as day or night makeup). Then here goes the critical part: applying the eyeliner. Remember to keep your elbows still once you have positioned your hand to apply eyeliner as this will affect your application procedure. Although you cannot be as steady as expected, lessen your shakiness and focus on your eye and your eyeliner. I suggest you put your elbow over a table to keep it steady at once. Use small dots, particularly when using liquid eyeliner. Doing a whole line with liquid eyeliner will just smudge the effect and ruin your look. One quick tip is to use a small piece of tape and stick it to the corner of your eye to work as a marker. It allows you to create a perfect wing instantly and helps you apply the eyeliner hassle-free.

You can in fact go out with just three things in your face: eyeliner, eyebrow tint, lip tint. Less makeup means more natural beauty glowing from you. Mastery of the right way to apply eyeliner is a smart move that saves you time and painstaking effort to strike that superb look.