Why Flip Flops should be worn less

As summers crank up more, we start depending on our flip flops even more. As much as these are comfortable and hard not to wear, the more problems they possess for our feet. There are many reasons why flip flops should be worn very less.

You expose your feet directly to viral infections, bacteria, dust and debris. Because flip flops are nothing but a feet thong and a sole, your feet get more prone to getting wounded, infected and dirty. 

Apart from the bacterial infection, flip flops can also cause blisters to your feet due to the friction caused between your skin and rubber straps. Moreover, the flip flops cause you to take shorter steps, thus making you very slow while walking. As they don’t have any support on the heel area, there is a greater risk of heel pain if you walk in them for a longer period of time. 

Thus, try wearing flips flops for a shorter duration.