UK retailers ban the use of down feathers

It seems like PETA has won again.  Major UK retailers, such as Warehouse, Booho, Topshop, and Primark have pledged to no longer use feathers in their collections.

In May this year, the organization showed a video of how the down feathers were plucked form live birds, rather aggressively, on a farm in China (which is the provider of 80% of the world´s down feathers). The geese are left with bloody wounds.  This is done despite their "connections to retail suppliers that are certified by the Responsible Down Standard, which prohibits live plucking of geese".

"Just as they did with cruelly obtained angora wool, forward-thinking fashion brands are jumping to meet the demands of today's compassionate consumers who want nothing to do with an industry that rips out live birds' feathers," said Yvonne Taylor, PETA's senior manager of corporate projects. "PETA will continue to work with retailers across the UK to not use feathers in favour of natural or high-tech synthetic fillers that are hypoallergenic, warm, eco-friendly, and infinitely kinder to birds."

PETA has found tremendous favorable response from fashion retailers that have decided to stop using feathers in their future collections, including Burton, Cath Kidston, Dorothy Perkins, Dr Martens, Evans, Hobbs, Miss Selfridge, Oasis, Outfit, Topman, Wallis, and White Stuff.

The group is urging the public to place pressure on those retailers that have not pledged to eliminate feathers in their collection. There is still response not yet received from several retailers including John Lewis and Marks and Spencer. 

The animal rights organization has been working hard to promote their campaign against using down feathers for clothing. Their advertisement features reality star Lucy Watson highlighting how feathers do not belong in beds but to birds. They also showcase alternatives to real down feathers.