Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) welcomes Kenzo

In the past few years, a lot has happened in the fashion industry. This means that there are new things that are being created every day, and since every company wants to be on top and wants to satisfy its customers, H&M has made a bold move to work with Kenzo for that exact purpose.

They will create a limited edition line that will hit the shelves on November 3. This new collection will probably set the standard for the year. It is full of vivid prints and it has bold and strong colors, something that will appeal to most people. Taking global traditions and infusing them with street styles and raw energy will result in one of the best clothing lines yet.

Lim and Leon, who are the creative directors from Kenzo, have stated that they want to push the boundaries and bring that unique Kenzo energy to everyone no matter where they come from.

Because of that, they will make this work not only fashionable and beautiful, but also they will try to make it as affordable as possible, so that everyone who wants to indulge in that energy will be able to do it. It is not an easy job, especially that they have put in a lot of work into this and the results will be able to be seen later on this year. For every fan of H&M and Kenzo, the waiting will definitely pay off in the end. The details given so far are not many, but they are very comprehensive and they show that this new collection will be exactly what everyone has expected; it will be the next step in the clothing industry.