5 new spring looks for 2016

The winter is not even over yet, but many of us are already thinking about what we will wear in the spring. The designers never stop amazing us and they are preparing some fantastic pieces for 2016. Since the collections were presented in the last weeks, it’s time to clear your wardrobe and make some space. Here are some looks that you should think about:

  1. Old English sleeves. If you have a passion for long, statement sleeves, then 2016 will be your year. Various designers presented dresses that combine the modern fashion with the old English one. The bigger the sleeves, the better!
  2. Lace, lace, lace. You already know that lace is elegant and it can transform any boring outfit into an extraordinary one. The designers took advantage of this for their new collections, so you can count on a dress with added lace to make you look chic.
  3. Everything is pink. Little girls are not the only ones to wear pink in the next spring. A statement piece, like a pink pencil skirt or a scarf, is more than welcome. Besides, it will help you get rid of the cold feeling of winter, and get ready to enjoy the warm weather.
  4. Low-waisted pants. In the last months, it was everything about high-waisted pants and skirts. Even some celebrities made an appearance on the red carpet by wearing them, and we can understand why. However, this spring you will have to bring back those low-waist trousers from the back of your closet. Yes, they are back in style!
  5. Off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. They are comfortable, sexy, stylish, and are present on this season’s runaway. The right occasion to wear one is any occasion!