Unique Fashion Style of Duchess of Cambridge

The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is no less than a fashion diva. She has always been applauded for her fashion sense and she can look great in anything she wears. Let’s take a look at her recent appearances and take a lesson from her unique fashion style:

1.    The Duchess of Cambridge wore a very subtle ivory dress coat on the occasion of Princess Charlotte christening. It was an Alexander McQueen’s ensemble which she paired with a Jane Taylor hat.

2.    After the birth of her daughter, Duchess of Cambridge wore a very beautiful blue colored dress coat that was accompanied with a hat. This attire was worn for her first public appearance.
3.    Kate Middleton wore a very bright yellow colored dress that had flower pattern on it to appear with her new born daughter after her delivery. She was wearing her nude heels.

4.    Kate also wore dresses throughout her pregnancy from the maternity line of various brands such as ASOS and even high-profile fashion brands.

Her signature fashion style always includes a hat and her heels. She likes to keep her hairs open and curled that is accompanied with very subtle makeup.