How do you know you’ve bought the wrong heels?

High heels are a dream for every girl and even men. They love it when their ladies wear those pumps and look oh so sexy. But nobody ever tells that apart from giving you a sexy look, high heels also give a lot of pain. If you don’t buy a footwear that’s the right fit for you, you’ll end up with blisters and aching feet.

So, how do you know whether you’re uncomfortable because you bought the wrong footwear or if it’s just because you don’t have a habit of wearing heels?

If your feet slide over the sole of the footwear and you’re worried your foot might slip out of it, you’ve probably bought the wrong size and you should opt for one size less.

If you get shoe bite, you should probably wear socks and next time go for footwear with softer ankle support.

If you keep getting blisters on your soles, your footwear has a very hard inner sole and next time you should buy heels that have a softer sole that makes it feel comfortable to walk in them.

The inner curve of the feet varies from person to person quite like a fingerprint. Most companies keep in mind some simple measurements of the curve though and when you buy footwear, you should pay special attention to this aspect. Buy footwear that doesn’t strain the muscles of your sole near the curvature.

Most importantly follow the common rule of walking around in the footwear when you try it on. It will help you gauge all these factors and no matter how gorgeous those heels look, it’s best to leave them if they make your feet strain.