Detoxify your wardrobe

Keep what fits your life now, not what fitted you two or three years ago. If generally formulated, what you have not preferred wearing for last fifteen to eighteen months you simply do not need it. If you were a pregnant mother, you are still in a transition period so give yourself a break. Ideally, you should update your wardrobe periodically and keep what you usually wear. You can follow some tips to avoid “suffocation”.

Workout what all you have and what you need

We often end up stuffing our wardrobe when we shop blindly, even buying things we will not use so often. Prefer working out what all you have in your wardrobe and make out what all you need, which will save your time, money and space.

Take suggestions if you cannot decide what all you need

Rather than blindly going for what all attracts you, simply take suggestions from your friend what all you should go for. They should be someone who offers wise and constructive criticism and you can trust them. Not only while adding to your cart but while detoxifying your wardrobe, get them up to it and ask what all to take out of your wardrobe.

Group up things

Getting everything out of your wardrobe, cupboards, garage and drawers and classifying them gives you clarity of what all you should keep for different seasons. You should keep your wardrobe updated and do not forget to periodically de - clutter it. Keep following these things, mend, keep or charity.

By following the above steps, you will be able to de – clutter your wardrobe in an easy way.