Why Madonna Cried for Weeks – Madonna’s First Heartbreak Revealed

Despite of being the most popular actress, Madonna is still just a mother of kids. The prominent singer admitted in an interview that she went through heartbreak after her eldest daughter called Lourdes has left for college.

The ‘Like a Virgin’ song-actress said in an interview that she experienced first heartbreak of her life. Here one point should be noted that Madonna’s daughter is studying at her alma mater in University of Michigan.

“It was really hard to accept that I need to live without my elder daughter,” says actress. “I cried each night for many days,” the 56 year old singer told in an interview. The most popular actress on the earth planet, Madonna is known for her classic singing and acting.
“I was really worried about how she would live without me,” says Madonna. Having analyzed her interview, we can conclude that the actress is after all a mom. She also has a heart that functions for emotions just as all other mothers have.

However, when Madonna sent her daughter Lourdes at college, she still has her other children at home including Rocco 14, Mercy 9 and David. According to singer, she loves her elder daughter more than all other children. However, it doesn’t mean that she don’t love her other kids, but it means that she has special space for her elder daughter in her heart.

“If you could notice dark circles around my eyes, you can guess how difficult it was for me to live alone without my daughter,” says Madonna.