Sandra Bullock Could Probably Win a Beauty Pageant

The Miss Congeniality movie, version one, famous Sandra Bullock plays the role of an awkward tomboy who is ultimately transformed into a sexy pageant contestant, especially for the sake of security issue. However, in real life, she is anything but awkward tomboy and surely could win a beauty pageant, if she simply wished to. Even before being officially named in famous People Magazine as globe’s most beautiful lady, Bullock had her own way that made her look excellent on all the areas. 

Although several of her most current films, for instance Gravity, brought great success, it was the famous Miss Congeniality film pair that many people remember her for the best. Being a beautiful individual in real world, Sandra was somewhat officially downgraded in the debut film to look as a low-profile FBI agent, appointed to go under cover as at local beauty pageant, where it was thought that the participants could be in danger. She was made-up to seem like a real pageant winner; however, in real life Bullock doesn’t seem to require a lot of assistance in that arena. 

However, in her every movie, she looks great but the movie in which she plays the role of a beauty contestant is certainly the most liked movie of all time. She got great success convincing audience that she is a real agent who transforms into a beauty pageant. 
In real life, Sandra doesn’t need to have all the fancy drama to become a winner of a beauty pageant as she is capable of stunning the world with her beauty and talent.