Jessica Alba Has A Company Worth A Lot

Jessica Alba is the owner of a women’s company. This company has been established to help women become entrepreneurs. When Jessica first started this company, she did not expect it to get large at all. She only expected a few women to be interested in it. However, this company is now almost a billion dollar company. Jessica is very proud of this, and she plans to do a lot more in order to make this company flourish to the highest degree. 

Jessica Alba is also surprised at all of the stars that decided to be part of this project. Many women in Hollywood and around the world have joined forces with Jessica, and the purpose they have is to help people become independent and rich and smart at running a company. 

Jessica recently told the press that she wants to get the company on the media more. Though the company is large, many people do not know about it. Due to this, women around the world are not getting the right advice about life. Jessica told the press she plans to have various fundraisers that will promote this company to the highest degree. Many stars are expected to be part of this project.