Hillary duff on weight issue

With all the hassle and pressure on weight going on in tinsel town it is a surprise that people, especially women don’t go crazy. Very few people are confident enough to stray from the skinny copycat of each other that is imposed as a beauty standard. That says quite a lot about the persons.

Hillary Duff, America’s sweetheart, is one of those persons who understand that healthy is a lot sexier than skinny. As she herself states she’s happy with being at normal weight. Duff is a tiny person, at 5’2”, and she says she’s watching her weight carefully and exercising constantly however is not haunted by the need to be the skinny model type. She says she is very fit and happy with that.

Duff is taking on her first TV role in what has become over a decade and although we’ve seen stars go on tight diets before she’s not one of them. She stated she’s just going to go about her business and weight just as she has done in the past, nothing more or less.
She continued by saying that she is not a model, but an actress and a normal person to begin with. As per her own words some weeks clothes fit better and some other weeks they don’t so she takes measures then.

When talking about the new acting role she was very enthusiastic and said she sees this job as a chance to get away from her usual activities. Until now she’s been a fulltime mommy and this role would be a break.