Chelsea And Jon Have Done It

Chelsea Tyler and Jon Foster tied the knot a day ago. They did this in a private ceremony. Sources say they both looked amazing, and they both looked like they were ready for this. 

Chelsea and Jon recently told the press that they make a great couple because of music. They both come from families where music was life. Jon also has amazing acting skills because his core family members were actors and actresses. 

Chelsea and Jon will no go on a honeymoon. Sources say they are very happy. Sources also say that they cannot be away from each other for more than five minutes. This shows how much they love each other. 

Chelsea’s family and Jon’s family recently spoke out. They told the press they know these two will be married, and they both have the blessing of their family. Many people in Hollywood are excited to see how these two turn out. They are excited to see how this young couple will hand married life in Hollywood. Chelsea and Jon believe they will be okay because they have their family in their lives. They believe having family will keep any marriage together. They also know they both will not be happier with other people.