Celebrity kids- Expectations

We all know the life of celebrities is not as simple as our lives. Humans have the tendency to compare the older one with the new one. If we compare it in things & like to improve the quality of product its anytime good, But when we compare a human with another human that very bad.

Everyone on the earth has born with special characteristics, when we are comparing it either we motivate or we de-motivate, especially when we compare celebrity kid with their parents.

We create Burdon on the newcomer or young talent to match them before they start. It's like we are expecting a daughter of a swimmer to swim in the sea on her first tournament as fast as possible. Is it not harmful?

  1. Celebrity kids avail all facility when they want so they do not understand the importance of hard work.
  2. Money is always in their hand so they do not understand how to spend it economically?
  3. They have high aspirations from them self & same society keep from them. What if they don’t have the same talent & different interest? People comment still forces them to go in same lie & earn fast & live a lavish life.
  4. These kids/toddlers grew with a mindset intention to be famous, just they want to be famous they take any action to be known to world.

The society should understand the pain of both -parent & the toddler celebrity (celebrity kid) should stop comparing.

Let the kids live like normal kids, parents don’t force them to live more stylish or as per your celebrity standard. Let them enjoy their childhood.