Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate sculpture

UKTV did a survey of the most dishiest dramatic actor on UK TV and about 2000 of British women voted for Benedict cumberbatch Sherlock star. As the result of the survey in which many other celebrities were elected, they commissioned eight chocolatiers to make a life sized sculpture of Benedict. This crew of eight people spent more than 250 hours to create this sweet chocolate sculpture out of 40 kilograms of chocolate and it is 6ft tall. It took 500 bars of chocolate to make “Benedict Chocobatch,” complete with a sophisticated bowtie.

It's the ultimate treat for Benedict Cumberbatch fans and stands an imposing 6ft tall just like the man himself.
“I hope people really like him and I hope they’ll recognize him,” chocolate sculptor Tim Simpson said. “I’ve got a feeling that some women are going to take a look at him and decide he’s delicious in more than one way”

The sculpture was unvieleved at Westfield Stratford City shopping centre, the shoppers at London's Westfield Stratford City shopping Centre looked more than a little surprised to discover a chocolate sculpture of Benedict Cumberbatch in their midst. One lady was spotted cautiously approaching the edible artwork before quickly backing off, while another couldn't quite hide their smile of surprise.